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Care4Balance: Care for balancing informal care delivery through on-demand and multi-stakeholder service design.

Care4Balance (C4B) is a project under the AAL Joint Programme Call 5. C4B will do on-demand and multi-stakeholder service design based on intelligent dashboard systems representing the status & context of the actors involved. The intelligent dashboard is an always-on interactive device that is easy to use for older adults. This dashboard will be used to show status information and will enable communication and coordination towards the professional and the informal caregiver. The information to feed the status board will be collected both through user-generated input and through automatically collected contextual sensor data. The back end system will detect & analyze care demands and/or cumbersome situations.

The system envisages improved and sustainable care provision by informal caregivers, optimized cooperation with formal caregivers and QoL improvement for the older adult. The C4B project is oriented towards the integration and demonstration of the concept based on technological components available at the consortium partners. Living lab recruitment and testing will be done in three countries.

The C4B project will test several business scenarios in order to come up with sustainable models for introduction on the market after the project finalization.

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